242 Commercial Street

Tim’s Used Books
What a perfect entree to the world of Tim’s Used Books: through an almost-hidden gateway leading to a small path and a tiny bridge connecting to a tiny house, about 180 to 210 years old, set amid a glade of trees. The property has been owned since 1996 by Timothy F. Barry. Barry describes his career this way: “I’ve owned used six bookstores since 1989. A couple of them have been successful. The others failed. Before that I received money for writing about food. Later I organized an art gallery. Sold some people’s paintings and photos — enjoyed that, didn’t enjoy the egos. In 2008 I revived Against The Grain Gallery, selling paintings by a young Provincetown artist named Cameron Castro. 2009 finds me reopening our Wellfleet used-bookstore. I have bookshops currently open in Hyannis and Provincetown, USA. It’s fun there in the summer, when you never know who’ll walk through the door. Poets, writers, movie-types, many vagrants and tanned people.”














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