273 Commercial Street

Diane Z

Malchman’s was a long-lived sportswear and clothing store that occupied several key properties downtown, but this is where it grew up. The firm was founded in 1919 by H. N. Malchman. This building was constructed for Malchman in 1921. (“Town Crier Shop Sold to Local Man,” The Advocate, 29 December 1966.) In late 1966, Malchman’s son, Nathan, bought the Town Crier shop at 265-267 Commercial Street and moved the main business there, and used this structure to house his Shoe Port shop, which came out of the Porthole Building at 246 Commercial Street. There are now large plate-glass windows on both floors of its front facade.

Diane Fernandez (±1958-2011), a native of West Palm Beach and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, moved to Provincetown and opened the Diane Z clothing and shoe store in the mid-1980s. The Banner described it as one of Provincetown’s most popular and successful. (“Diane Fernandez, 53,” The Banner, 6 October 2011.) Fernandez was married to Phyllis Schlossberg (b ±1939), the [former?] owner and operator of the Post Office Cafe and Cabaret, a few doors down from here, at 303 Commercial.





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