275 Commercial Street

George’s Pizza & Pub

Believe it or not, there is a 19th-century house hiding under all the 20th-century commercial appurtenances; a very well-known house in its day, as it was the home for 90 years — yes, 90 years — of Louise Cook “Mid” Paine (±1861-1951). She was born in this house, just before Lincoln was elected president, the daughter of Phoebe Cook Paine and Capt. James Colin Nickerson Paine. She died here toward the end of the Truman presidency. In between, she taught piano, made hats and welcomed transient guests.

A young Peter Hunt was among them, as was the writer Louise Bryant (1885-1936) and the artist Alice Conklin Bevin (1893-1969), who studied under Charles W. Hawthorne. (“Louise Paine Dies Here at 90 Years,” The Advocate, 20 January 1951.) “Probably no other house in Provincetown has sheltered more notable people than the hospitable home of Mid Paine,” The Advocate said. (“‘Mid’ Paine Takes 88th in Stride, The Advocate, 26 August 1948.)

The property was acquired a year after her death by Thomas E. Fitzpatrick, who converted it into the Ancient Mariner Restaurant. He was followed in the business by Mary and John DeVirgilio and by Anna and Dominic Imbornone. George Christakis and Helen Tolidis bought the property in 1973, then sold it seven years later to Margaret Kraniotakis. George Kraniotakis (b 1939) is the “George” in George’s Pizza & Pub.







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