281-283 Commercial Street

Exuma Fine Jewelry

Street numbers are a fairly fugitive thing in Provincetown, so it’s difficult sometimes to know with precision whether No. 283 in one generation is the No. 279 of another. That’s to say that some of these businesses may have been in other buildings, but a tentative historical roster would include the Mira Mar Beauty Shop (No. 283 in the late 1930s), Cre’s Dress Shop (No. 285 in the mid-40s), Alfred Hair Stylist (No. 283 in the late 1940s), Hubert’s Country Kitchen (No. 281 in the late 1950s), the Monument Fish Company (No. 281 in the early 1960s), Barrett’s Candy Shop (No. 283 in the mid-60s). It is certainly the home now of Exuma Fine Jewelry, established in 1971.

2 thoughts on “281-283 Commercial Street

  1. Before there was Shop Therapy, Provincetown had the Psychedelic Scene, a head and straight shop run by Zucky Saada. Ronnie Hazel had a small section for his jewelry. Head and straight shop. Way before it’s time. When the shop moved out, it became Ezuma Jewelry.

  2. I remember Zucky Saada – he was a wild genius and one of the funniest guys. He used to shout “These walls are my walls” – and featured the work of Scrimshandress Eileen Longacre who I loved near and from far for all my life. He was quite a guy and had a very energetic wife too.

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