284 Commercial Street


The structure at 284 Commercial Street was built around 1858 in the Greek Revival style. A one-story retail extension was added around the turn of the century [?] and for a time in the 1910s, it housed Wippich, the Jeweler (shown below).

Some of the succeeding retail tenants included Slade’s Gift Shop in the 1930s, Paige’s Gift Shop in the 1950s and Dorothy’s Gifts & Jewelry, run by Dorothy Linsky, in the 1960s. The Charles Kaeselau Art Gallery operated upstairs in the ’50s. (He is well represented at the Seamen’s Bank.) The current tenant is the Shirtery T-shirt store.

[Updated 2012-06-30]




One thought on “284 Commercial Street

  1. The Wippich Jewelry Store was located here about 1910. They also sold pennants and postcards.

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