296 Commercial Street

Lotus Guest House | Body Body

A two-and-a-half story shingled commercial structure, with a prominent polygonal corner turret, that was built around 1900 in Queen Anne style. This building would be best remembered by old-timers — real old-timers — as the Cutler Pharmacy. An early use of the word “gay” as a synonym for homosexual can be found in a 1951 anecdote told by “Bossy” McGady in his uninhibited newspaper column: “A ‘Gay Boy’ dashes into Cutler’s, in an awful tizzy, forgot the new eye brow pencil ‘it’ had just purchased.” (“Up Along and Down Along, The Advocate, 16 August 1951.) In the 1970s, this was a restaurant known as Mother Marion’s. It is currently the Lotus Guest House, owned and run by Jeff and Gurli Lovinger. They are also the proprietors of the Lovinger Gallery at 427 Commercial Street.

The ground floor space is occupied by Body Body, a high-end men’s clothing store owned and operated by Richard Treat, who bought the business in 1991. Edge describes it as “the largest men’s clothing store in town” and notes that it is stocked with “fashions, underwear, bathing suits and accessories from a wide range of quality labels.” Body Body used to occupy a much higher-profile storefront at 315 Commercial, right on Lopes Square, and formerly had a shoe store called Body Body Sole, at 301 Commercial Street.





4 thoughts on “296 Commercial Street

      • David, I live at 46 Creek Road and can extend your history of the building based on my research on the woman who sold the house and property to Ted Box! Priscilla Cutler was the granddaughter of Ellen Kelley Ramos whose husband Louis was a ship’s captain and died at sea in 1896, but had 10 children with Ellen. It seems likely Priscilla Cutler was the illegitimate daughter of Priscilla Ramos, the eldest daughter of the Ramos family. She was raised in my house by her grandmother, and got a scholarship to attend pharmacy school in Boston after graduating from Provincetown High School.She lived above the pharmacy with Dorothy Crowell, who is remembered by locals as wearing pants and a short haircut. She never married and sold the family home to Ted Box when she moved to Cambridge, MA. four years before her death at age 85.

    • You asked this 6 years ago and I am just seeing it now but I have quite a lot of information about Priscilla Cutler because I got curious after I bought the house on Creek Road that she grew up in…I am curious to know what you know about her! Your last name is similar to the married name of Priscilla’s cousin Doris Ramos.

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