317 Commercial Street

Hersheldon’s Leather

Among the boldest of Provincetown’s A-frames, No. 317 was built between 1985 (Assessor’s Online Database) and 1988 (Historic District Survey). It stands on the site of the Mayflower Gift Shop. The tax lot is one of the more curious in town because it includes not only this building but the waterside half of 315 Commercial Street, including the Surf Club. The Enos family has owned the property since 1965. It is the home of Hersheldon’s Leather, which dates to the mid-1970s and takes its name from its two principals, Rita S. “Hersh” Schwartz (b 1947) and Sheldon T. Schwartz (b 1949).

“Throughout all those years, we’ve had stores in Vermont, New York, Rhode Island and came to realize that Provincetown is our hometown and that is where our heart is,” they wrote on the Hersheldon’s site. The store has 6,000 square feet of space and the Schwartzes describe themselves as “one of New England’s largest footwear retailers.” Ms. Schwartz also serves on the town’s Visitor Services Board and has been active in campaigns to display student artwork in empty storefronts during the off season.

One thought on “317 Commercial Street

  1. Prior to the A-frame there was a building, possibly two, that burned in the late ’70s, early ’80s. It was very dramatic for the time. Hersheldon’s was previously located across the street from former Café Blasé. They also had at least one other location further west in the 80s.

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