342 Commercial Street

Sarah Jessica Fine Arts

Until 1960, this building was owned by John M. and Mary E. Silva, who lived in the rear property, No. 342R, where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1965. Silva was at one time the owner of the dragger James M. Burke. The Commercial Street building was purchased from the Silvas by Alice F. Urann (±1909-2003). With her husband, Sumner T. Urann, she ran Alsum’s Heritage Shop, a gift store, at this address through the 1970s. (Al[ice] + Sum[ner] = Alsum.) Their daughter, Eileen F. Hernandez, still owns the building, which now houses the Sarah Jessica Fine Arts gallery, owned by Jennifer Ellingwood and managed by Hal Gold.

Les Garrick sent the following email on 16 June 2020: “While fact checking my beach plum book manuscript, I found in The Advocate archives that Alsum’s opened on June 21, 1947; we visited the shop in September 1969 and purchased some beach plum jelly, our first experience and certainly not the last we had we this fruit. We were attracted to the small shop because of the sign ‘Beach Plums Wanted’ in the window.”

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