350A Commercial Street

Captain’s House

The Captain’s House, tucked at the end of a narrow walkway off Commercial Street, is a bed-and-breakfast with 12 rooms. Until the 2012 season, under the owner Michael P. Stetto, it catered to gay men generally and to “bears” in particular — typically hirsute, heavier set men whose appearance and demeanor is consciously the opposite of the hairless, lithe gay archetype. The new owners are Peter C. Bullis and Mauricio J. Zuleta. “It no longer caters to just bears and gay men, but it’s for everyone,” Bullis told me in August 2012. “The name will stay the same.” ¶ Updated 2012-08-21

3 thoughts on “350A Commercial Street

  1. From the late ’70s until his death in early ’90s, the Captain’s House had been owned by Claude Marc Belair, who went by the name of Marc because he hated the way Americans pronounced Claude. Originally from French Canada, he spent a number of winters touring the country with myself, Len Paoletti, then of Victoria House; and Dexter Ross of Dexter’s. Eventually he broadened his travels to spend winters in Paris.

    • I was a houseboy at The Captain’s house 40 years ago and I have fond memories of you, Lennie, and Dexter, and Don Butterfield, and of course Marc who we all loved dearly. The courage Marc showed, to change his life so profoundly at middle-age, and begin a new life in Ptown has always inspired me to (at least think about) taking risks.

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