351A Commercial Street

The building directly behind the fire house was the home for many years of the Segura family. Capt. Lawrence Santos Segura (±1882-1949) was born in Olhão, Portugal. He came to Provincetown when he was 17, just at the turn of the 20th century. In January 1949, he was in charge of Capt. Henry Passion’s dragger, the Liberty Belle, which was tied up one afternoon at Town Wharf. One moment, Segura was talking to other fisherman on the pier. Not long after, his body was spotted floating in the water by the Gay Head, a scalloper out of New Bedford, and pulled aboard. Efforts to revive him were futile. A curate from St. Peter’s administered the last rites on the deck of the Gay Head. Segura’s widow, Almeda V. (Silva) Segura, continued to live here at least through the early 1960s. The Segura house was replaced by/reconstructed by [?] Nelson A. Hitchcock III and Corey Kustes.

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