353A-353B Commercial Street

Angels’ Landing (West buildings) | Café Dinara

Three buildings spill down to the waterfront from behind 353 Commercial Street. There is a little commercial unit on the square that has seen one coffee shop open after another in recent years. In this picture, taken in 2008, it was Cicchetti’s Espresso Bar, proferring “coffees and tiny nibbles.” That didn’t last long. By 2010, it was Mayorga’s Coffee Shop. Also gone. As of 2011, it was the Café Dinara.

Behind it are two of the Angels’ Landing residences. These are individually owned condominiums whose owners lease them, typically by the week. The units all have names: Seraphim (16), Angel’s Folly (17), Fallen Angel (18), Blue Angel (20), Angel’s Retreat (21), Gabriel (22), Sea Angel (23) and Space Angel (24).




One thought on “353A-353B Commercial Street

  1. I was born here. My parents, James Avila & Patsy Ley bought this property in 1957,1958 and called it Champagnes Wharf.

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