361 Commercial Street

Wildflower Home

There seems to have been a new store here every couple of years in recent memory. For a time around 2008, it was Undercover, a bed, body and bath shop. By 2010, it was the East End branch of Província, a shop specializing in Portuguese housewares and decorative arts at 140 Commercial Street. In 2011, it was taken over by the artist and florist Jeff Fresenius as the East End home of Wildflower.

This property was owned by Carrie A. Seaman (d 1989) until her death, as was the separate tax lot that stretches to the waterfront. It seems very likely, then, that this was the setting of one of the more infamous escapades in the memorable history of John Waters and his Dreamland ensemble. One summer, Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead, 1945-1988) rented a house off the Johnson Street parking lot from Seaman, according to Channing Wilroy (Sue Harrison, “John Waters Returns to Where It All Started,” The Banner, 17 June 1999). Waters picked up the story from there, in a 1997 interview with Gerald Peary for Provincetown Arts:

His reputation was pretty strange. When his landlady was away one weekend, Divine paid an auctioneeer in full black tie to auction off all the furniture in his apartment, antiques and stuff, to cover his rent. That’s how he would think. He had to sneak back into Ptown for a long time, after she called the police.

The property has been owned since 1990 by T. Gandolfo and Celine Gandolfo, proprietors of Northern Lights Hammocks at No. 361C, through the China Trust and the Tonga Trust.

3 thoughts on “361 Commercial Street

  1. When T. and Celine Gandolfo owned 361 Commercial Street, it was an upscale leather shop called Northern Lights Leather.

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