368 Commercial Street

Gallery Inn | Yates & Kennedy | Maison Home Décor

The main building on this lot, which is also known as 3 Johnson Street, currently serves as the Gallery Inn, with three efficiency apartments. It is operated by Lenore Luttinger, who also owns the building. More apparent to passersby is the one-story commercial extension that was built after the 1940s into what was once a large side yard between Johnson and Arch Streets.

The Norton-Rogers Gallery was here in 1970, featuring among others the work of Robert R. Bliss (1925-1981), who had studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and with Carolyn Wyeth. His studies of lithe and lightly clothed adolescent boys — A Summer Memory, for example, or Holiday’s End — appear quite contemporary; they could easily be imagined in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.

The Roots home and garden store was here in 2001, when Roots also had a West End branch in the old First National market at 142 Commercial Street. The French Kiss clothing store was here in recent years, as was the Michael Fennelly Gallery. Fennelly’s space, tucked into a little courtyard on the brick patio, is now Maison Home Décor, run by Kina Béril. Yates & Kennedy is in the principal Commercial Street space. ¶ Updated 2013-02-14






Mike, 368 Commercial Street, Provincetown (1971), by David Jarrett. Copyright © by and courtesy of David Jarrett.


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