401½ Commercial Street


In what seems to be a perfect spot for a cozy restaurant with a great view, several establishments have come and gone in recent decades. In 1979, Zoltan and Juliet Gluck, and their son, David, opened a restaurant here. Gluck’s gallery and home was across the street at 398 Commercial. Dodie’s Diner — “full of family photos, old toys, 1950s bric-a-brac,” The Boston Globe said approvingly — opened in 1993. It was followed by the Little Fluke Café, which was in business for five years. Devon Ruesch, who was a partner in the Little Fluke, opened the current restaurant in May 2007.

One thought on “401½ Commercial Street

  1. Before the Glucks owned that property, 401½ was home to a fish fry shack which was followed by Christie’s, a restaurant created by Christie Randazzo, rented to him by the Glucks. They had no restaurant that they ran. Then Billy Forlenza had his restaraunt there, called Billy’s, with a great sign painted by artist Richard Baker that is now in PAAM’s collection. Dodie’s followed. Thanks.

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