403 Commercial Street

Say what else you will, that’s one heck of a dormer on 403 Commercial. This house has been in family hands for several generations. Justin Jason and his wife, Philomena Marks Jason (±1873-1939) were living here in the 1930s. Their daughter Catherine Jason, a junior high school teacher, married Manuel F. Cadose (±1884-1960), an engineer on the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, in 1937. The Cadose couple lived here. In a poignant twist, Mrs. Jason’s sister, who also lived in this house, died here six days after Mrs. Jason did. (The Cadoses’ other daughter, Philomena “Phil” Jason, married Cyril T. Patrick. These two were partners in the East End Market at 212 Bradford Street and the Noel shop.)

The Patricks’ son, Joseph T. Patrick, owns 403. There is a terrific old shack on the waterfront with an ell that looks like it mey have been used for fish filleting.



4 thoughts on “403 Commercial Street

  1. Oh, how I miss my visits to Ptown to see Auntie Kay. The ride in, on that stretch of road; Day’s cottages, the sun glistening on that wide open ocean. Spearmint leaves picked off bushes on the little path out back, walking down past the cottage to the beach. NOTHING BUT LOVE. FAMILY and LOTS of LOVE. SO LUCKY, SO BLESSED, TO HAVE THOSE MEMORIES. One correction to above info. JASON’S OTHER DAUGHTER, PHILOMENA, “PHIL” MARRIED CYRIL PATRICK. NOT CADOSE’S DAUGHTER. CATHERINE AND MANUEL HAD ONE DAUGHTER WHO DIED IN INFANCY. AUNT CATHERINE MADE US ALL FEEL AS IF WE WERE HER CHILDREN. FOREVER LOVED AND GRATEFUL. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.

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