405-407 Commercial Street

SeasCape Realty | Larkin Gallery

Among the businesses that have had a home here over the years were John Psomas’s meat market in the 1910s; Capt. John A. Matheson’s grocery store in the 1910s; Ye Pilgrime Shoppe in the early 1930s (sounds like they could have used Hopkins Cleansers); the Ethel Baker Mayo Studio in the late 1930s; the Pilgrim Shop in the early 1940s; and Michael Alexander, Fine Home Decorator, in the late 1940s.

Phyllis Handwrought Jewelry was here in the early 1960s, as well as at 175 West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village, before Phyllis and Israel Sklar moved to their longtime home at 84 Commercial Street. Also tenants in the 1960s were the 407 Gallery and Portfolio Designer Fashions. The current retail tenants are SeasCape Realty, headed by Stephen M. Briscoe, and the Larkin Gallery.




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