409 Commercial Street

Replacing the old store and residence at 409 Commercial in which Elizabeth Isabel “Lizzie” Livingston’s soda and candy shop operated through the early 1940s, this house was designed by Robert Valois [?] of Truro for John Anderson and Greg Brown, who bought the property in 2000. Minutes from various town meetings in 2000 and 2001 speak of a complicated gestation period for the project. It seemed at first that the plan was to convert 409 Commercial, which had an upstairs apartment, from commercial to residential use and add a studio behind the existing building, which is what the Zoning Board of Appeals considered in the fall of 2000. In June 2001, the Historical Commission seemed surprised to learn that the main building was no longer zoned commercially. In August, Valois told the Historical Commission that he would devise “a construction protocol that will propose keeping parts of the building but if during construction, they find the timbers are rotten, then they’ll have to be replaced.” The building permit issued on 21 December 2001 was to “renovate single-family dwelling with shop to single-family dwelling with accessory-use artist studio.” Within three months, however, the existing building had been completely demolished.



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