411 Commercial Street

Four Eleven Studio

This large building has served as an accommodation of one kind or another for more than a half century. Until the early 1960s, it was the Francis Guest House, owned by Joseph T. Francis (±1894-1958), a retired fish buyer and World War I naval hero, and his wife, Irene Abbott Francis. By 1964, it was an efficiency apartment house called the Avlon’s, owned by the artists Helen (Avlonitis) Daphnis-Avlon (±1933-2004) and Nassos Daphnis (1914-2010). Sheila G. LaMontagne and her sister [?], Madelyn N. Carney, bought the property from the Daphnis couple in 1976. It was renamed the Mary Russell Guest House. Carney, an artist, bought out her sister three years later. She has lived and worked here, as has her daughter, the artist Liz Carney. Her studio occupies what was once the Gallery Graphique [?] in the front of the house. Liz told me in 2009 that several notable artists and writers had lived here, including John Dowd, now well settled at 112 Commercial Street; the painter Richard DeQuattro; and the writers Pam Mandell and Candace Reefe.





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