414 Commercial Street

Histories of civil aviation in Provincetown (including mine, Municipal Airport) usually begin after World War II with the story of John C. Van Arsdale and his Cape Cod Flying Service. But Mayflower Airlines was serving Provincetown a full decade earlier. The difference was that its Ford Tri-Motors touched down at a landing field, not a full-fledged airport. John F. Connell was the field manager and was credited by The Advocate in 1941 with “giving a great deal of his time, labor and thought to the improvement of the field.” He lived at No. 414 and it was here that his son, John F. “Jack” Connell Jr., was born in 1942.

John Sr. and Beatrice M. Connell sold this property in 1952 to Manuel P. and Mary C. Henrique, who sold it three years later to Seraphine P. and Edith H. Codinha. Seraphine Codinha was the owner and captain of the Peter & Linda and Edith Codinha worked at the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Codinha still lives here, as does her daughter, Linda Codinha O’Brien, who serves as Town Treasurer.

[Updated 2012-02-19]

4 thoughts on “414 Commercial Street

  1. I was born in this house in 1942. It was owned by my grandparents in the early 1930s and by my parents til the mid 40s. I have an earlier photo which I’ll get to you the next time I’m in Provincetown.

  2. His wife, Edith, who worked – among other jobs – at the Chamber of Commerce, still lives on the first floor. His daughter, Linda Codinha O’Brien, recently-widowed Town Treasurer, lives on the second floor. Linda graduated from Provincetown High School and lived in Hawaii with Mary-Jo Avellar, her best friend, before marrying.

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