415 Commercial Street

As you head out toward the East End along the beach, 415 Commercial Street appears almost like an apparition. A sweet little butter-yellow Queen Anne house with a deep front porch, it would seem to belong upland, on some picturesque, quiet, leafy side street — not right down here on the rough-and-tumble waterfront, rising from the sea grass, exposed so nakedly to the elements. But this is Provincetown, so here it is. The cottage was owned in the 1940s by Beatrice M. Welsh, the supervisor of vocal music in the Provincetown school system from 1926 to 1962, and a landowner of no small consequence, having once held 290 Commercial (the former First National Bank) and 296 Commercial (Cutler’s Pharmacy) in her portfolio. Her father and brother, Walter J. Welsh and Robert A. Welsh, were both judges and powerful civic leaders.

The cottage was purchased in 2009 from Warren Cresswell by Andrew Sullivan, writer of The Dish on The Daily Beast, and his husband, Aaron Tone, an actor appearing most recently in the movie Bear City 2 (2012).




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