416 Commercial Street

Antonelli Giardelli Gallery

Best known in recent decades as the Antonelli Giardelli Gallery, a showcase of antiques and of Thomas Antonelli’s Cape end landscapes, 416 Commercial was — for 70 years — a redoubt for several generations of the Henrique-Parsons family, whose vessels included the Richard & Arnold and the Sea Fox. Capt. Frank Henrique (b ±1876) and Marianna/Marion Henrique (b ±1880) bought the property from the Lorings in 1909. Captain Henrique was the master of the dragger Dorothy. They transferred the property in 1927 to Frank Henrique Jr. and his wife, Mary T. Henrique. For a time, this was home to Capt. Frank H. Parsons Sr., master of the Richard & Arnold (named for two of his sons) and of the Arthur & Matthew.

Captain Parsons and Frank Henrique Jr. transferred the property in 1947 to Capt. Manuel P. Henrique (b ±1904) and his wife, Mary C. Henrique (b ±1905). In 1946, Captain Henrique bought the year-and-a-half-old dragger Sea Fox from Capt. Manuel Zora (who would gain national renown when a lively anecdotal memoir, The Sea Fox, was published in 1958). Manuel and Mary’s son, Vincent Henrique Sr., also lived here, with his wife, Phyllis (White) Henrique, and their children: Vincent Jr. (b ±1954), Valerie (b 1958) and Vanessa (b 1959). The Henrique sold the property to the Silvas in 1979.

Four years later, Thomas A. Antonelli and Gerard “Jerry” Giardelli bought this house from the Silvas. The next year, 1984 [?], they opened the Antonelli Giardelli Gallery. In 2012, it was on the market, through SeasCape Realty, for $1.35 million.

[Updated 2012-10-21]






One thought on “416 Commercial Street

  1. Just to clarify things a bit … the Henriques, Parsons and Passions were brothers; their names suffering the fate of immigration officers’ whims.

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