428 Commercial Street

This utterly charming full Cape from the early 19th century was the home for some years of Benjamin R. Atwood (±1859-1937) and his wife, Lois (Nelson) Atwood (±1865-1936).

Atwood was born in Provincetown to Joseph and Betsy (Ryder) Atwood. He spent his youth at sea but his adulthood as an accountant in Boston, retiring here in the early 1920s. Not long after the Atwoods’ deaths, John R. Agna opened a real estate office here, which was maintained at least through the mid-1970s.



One thought on “428 Commercial Street

  1. The house was a three apartment rental, until converted to condominiums in the early 2000’s. For a number of years in the late 1990’s, the house had a terrible odor, given to the fact that skunks had taken up under the floorboards & were unreachable for a number of years.

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