101 Commercial Street

A Home at Last
The little cottage next to Sal’s Place — and seemingly at times indistinguishable it — is known as A Home at Last. It served as the geographic center of gravity for much of the lovely memoir My Provincetown: Memories of a Cape Cod Childhood, by Amy Whorf McGuiggan (b 1956). Her grandfather, the painter John Whorf, lived at 52 Commercial Street. Simply by describing conditions on the deck at No. 101, where her family spent its vacations — liberated from the rigidity of Hingham, Mass. — McGuiggan captures the whole sense of summer in the 1960s: “The deck railings were draped all summer with bathing suits, bulky orange life jackets and an assortment of wet towels, no two of which matched.

“The only permanent outdoor furniture were a faded wicker settee whose cushion was always wet and a cable spool table littered with coffee cups and wine glasses, binoculars, packs of Pall Malls, books of matches, and a clamshell ashtray spilling over with stubbed out butts, half of them rimmed with red lipstick.”




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