161 Commercial Street

Boatslip Resort

The Boatslip Resort is an ungainly but very popular venue, constructed around 1965 on the site of Grozier Park. It was developed by Reginald W. “Reggie” Cabral, who lived opposite this site, at 160 Commercial Street, in the Grozier House. (Park and house were named for Edwin and Alice Grozier, owners of The Boston Post.) The Boatslip has 45 rooms, but is best known for the 4 o’clock tea dances, which began in the late 1970s. They’re held on its waterfront deck each afternoon in summer, and on weekends into the shoulder season. A Boatslip tea dance is sine qua non on the gay social scene. The events draw hundreds. Maryalice Kalaghan (DJ Maryalice) has presided since 1994.

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5 thoughts on “161 Commercial Street

  1. Please don’t leave out the whole reason that this place became so popular — the group that made the place what it is, 1970s to 1980s: Roland Chamerland, Peter Rider, Chuck Maher and Allan Mundy. This group of owners started the whole Tea Dance thing going and put the place on the gay map, including the town as well.

    [The writer was the manager of Tea Dance for 10 years.]

  2. The spellings of the important owners of the Boatslip are Roland (Chick) Chamberland, Peter Ryder, Charles E. (Chuck) Mehr and Allen Mundy.

  3. The building of the Boatslip was one of the saddest events in Provincetown’s history, not because of what the Boatslip became, but because of what was forever taken away: Grozier’s Park , an open space with one of the best panoramic views of Provincetown Harbor. Reggie Cabral offered to sell it to the town for $75,000, but the town refused his offer thinking that he was bluffing about his plans to build a motel on the site.

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