182 Commercial Street

Snip Salon | Ptown Massage + Bodywork

Just the shape of this building — never mind the retail overhaul of its front facade — should tip you off to its great age. A peek around the side, where there are half windows under the eaves, confirms the suspicion. The Historic District Survey places its construction roughly in 1830. F. Ronald Fowler (b 1946) — realist landscape painter, figurative artist, proprietor of the Fowler Gallery (formerly at 423 Commercial Street) and an illustrator of The New Joy of Gay Sex, lived here until recent years.

This is now the Snip Salon (Something New in Provincetown), which opened in 2005 as Salon Rose. It is owned by Lawrence Moran and operated with a team of stylists. In the opposite storefront is Ptown Massage + Bodywork, whose team of therapists includes Larry Meilleur. The retail space was at one time the Provincetown Fabric Shop.




2 thoughts on “182 Commercial Street

  1. Right behind this house is 180 Commercial Street. It’s been owned by the same family for over 100 years. The names of the current owners are Annie, a descendant of the Portuguese family that lived there in the 1800s, and Magic, her husband.

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