183-185 Commercial Street

Bubala’s by the Bay

On the expansive site of the Fishermens Cold Storage plant, the Sea View Club was operated in the 1960s by Christopher Salvador. In 1994, Bubala’s opened at this location, having been first established a year earlier upstairs at the Cafe Edwige. It is owned and operated by John Yingling, the proprietor of the nearby Spiritus and Enzo. As of 2011, Gui Yingling is the kitchen manager, Tom Conklin is the general manager, and Liz Roberts is the floor and bar manager. The restaurant is perennially popular in part because it has a lot of outdoor seating right on Commercial Street, making it perfect for people-watching during the nightly passegiatta, and it has also indoor harbor views.




One thought on “183-185 Commercial Street

  1. Lovely to see this view. I was a waitress here at the Sea View for the entire summer of 1965 and also of 1966. I really enjoyed working at the Sea View Club!

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