191 Commercial Street

Century | Glass Half Full

William B. Bangs of 448 Commercial (now the Copper Fox) was the owner of this building at the turn of the 20th century, when it was denominated 190 Commercial Street. In the 1950s, the Mexican Shop and the Windjammer Gallery were here. The building was purchased in 1964 by Frank J. Hurst Jr. (±1916-2001) and passed on to his son, Crayne. The elder Hurst had grown up in Washington but met and married Chief Yeoman Halcyone Cabral during World War II and came to town to visit his in-laws. That was “the beginning of his love affair with the town,” The Banner said.

(“Frank J. Hurst Jr., 85,” The Banner, 13 December 2001.) Hurst and his brother-in-law, Reginald W. “Reggie” Cabral, owned and operated the Atlantic House until Hurst sold his share to Cabral in 1958. He the plumbing business founded by the brothers George M. Allen of 166 Commercial Street and Lou Allen of 168 Commercial Street, renamed it Frank Hurst and Sons, and ran it more than 30 years. The building has been owned since 2006 by a trust of which John Yingling, proprietor of Spiritus, is one of the trustees. The current retail tenants are Century, a housewares, jewelry and accessories store; and Glass Half Full, a wine and cigar store.

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