210 Commercial Street

Provincetown Fudge Factory |
Wonderful Hands Massage |
Henry & Company

Fondue, anyone? I look at this building aglow at night and picture a ski lodge where someone is singing Meglio Stasera. Happily for Midcentury Modernistas, Provincetown did not escape the A-frame craze of the 1950s and ’60s and this is a terrific example of the style. By the late 1970s, the Gryphon gift store occupied the entire frontage, which has since been divided. John Maguire Jr. and his wife, Deirdre (Morelli) Maguire (1958-2011) bought one of the four condominium units in 1986 for their Provincetown Fudge Factory.

In the same building, Maryann Powers operates Wonderful Hands Massage, which was established in 1984. The most conspicuous of the retail spaces has been occupied by the Coastal Wear and All American Boy clothing shops. As of the 2011 season, it had become Henry & Company, also an apparel shop. Three of the four condominium units are owned by Herman Maril’s daughter, Nadja Maril-Crilly, formerly Nadja Maril-Patrick.




One thought on “210 Commercial Street

  1. For a short time after Joe Patrick ran the Gryphon here, there was a shop selling golf equipment and attire

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