45 Commercial Street

Jones Locker Condominium

For a period in the 1970s, when Provincetown was at its nonconformist zenith, a neo-Classical belfry, topped by a tapering cupola and whale windvane, stood outside (or very near) 45 Commercial Street. You can get a good glimpse of it inside the back cover of Provincetown Discovered (1986), by Edmund V. Gillon Jr. The remarkably out-of-place structure was also photographed in 1976 by Josephine Del Deo as part of the Massachusetts Historical Commission Inventory. Could it have been associated with the Shore Studio Gallery next door at 47 Commercial Street? I’m eager to learn more.

Meanwhile, it’s not the purpose of Building Provincetown to be unduly critical. But, honestly, it’s difficult to imagine more ill-suited dormers than these jumbos. They overwhelm the Long Point floater beneath them, which was built about 1840 at the west end of the settlement, closer to Wood End. It was once home to John Burt.

Lawrence Jones ran the property in the 1960s as a guest house called Jones Locker. It is now the Jones Locker Condominium. One of the ground-floor units is owned by Jeffrey Haley and Gary Vance and operated as a transient accommodation as part of their Grand View Inn, 4 Conant Street.

[Updated 2012-09-25]

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