5 Center Street

Rose Acre

A path behind the Public Library leads to Rose Acre, a four-room guest house, run for women by women (Rosemarie A. Basile and Carol J. Noyes). The building was constructed around 1840. Capt. Loring A. Russell Sr., owner of the fishing vessel Loretta R., bought the house in 1952 and lived there several decades with his wife, Etta Robar Russell. “He owned the Provincetown Ice Company in his early years,” The Banner said in a 2004 obituary, “but his greatest love was the sea, and his proudest profession was that of fishing boat captain.”

Basile and Noyes acquired the property in 1989. They run it as Rose Acre. The Rose Basile Studio is here, too. “Not for the faint-hearted or artspeak crowd, Basile is direct, clear and colorful, in fact, not unlike her paintings,” Sue Harrison wrote in The Banner in 2004. Noyes and Basile are also the namesakes of the Poet’s Corner at the Public Library.

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