50 Commercial Street

Enlivened by exuberant Victorian ornamentation, 50 Commercial Street was built about 1860. The historic district survey calls it the Ross Moffett cottage. Moffett, who died in 1971, was one of the best known Provincetown painters and a leader of the modernist faction at the Provincetown Art Association, with Todd Lindenmuth, who lived at 56 Commercial Street. Thanks to his account, Art in Narrow Streets, we have a detailed picture of the art scene from 1914 through 1947. Vivian (Foster) De Pinna, a suffragist and an abstract artist whose husband had been president of the De Pinna clothing stores of New York, once owned the house.

Her work was collected by Walter P. Chrysler Jr. She died in 1978, at the age of 95.




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