† 63 Commercial Street

63 Commercial Street, Provincetown (1973), by Steve Silberman. Courtesy of Steve Silberman. 
63 Commercial Street, Provincetown (±1973), by Steve Silberman. Courtesy of Steve Silberman.The Viewpoint

According to Steve Silberman, whose family vacationed here for 40 years, “The original guest house bore the name the Galley, and then the Viewpoint, and was owned by the cookbook author Hazel Meyer and her partner Alice Bartoli, and then by Donald and Joan Morse, before being bought and torn down by the current owners.” In the 1950s, the Galley Shop was operated at this address by “Cap’ns” Dick Knudson and Jim Flag. “One of the most photographed spots in town,” they said in 1958, noting their location “at an Old New England Inn,” where they offered crafts, cards, pottery and home furnishings.

Steve Silberman and David Crosby, 63 Commercial Street, Provincetown (1980s). Courtesy of Steve Silberman.“I have so many, so many memories from that place,” Silberman, a writer for Wired magazine, told me in 2013. “Here’s just one: David Crosby and his wife came to visit us in the late ’80s. Stepping to the end of the deck, he said, ‘What a beautiful harbor!’ (I’ll say.) We had dinner at Ciro & Sal’s that night [4 Kiley Court], and then walked down Commercial Street as every third person stopped to tell him how much his music meant to them.” William P. “Bill” Dougal and Richard J. “Rick” Murray (b 1958) acquired the property in 1989, made it their home in 1995 and effectively replaced the building in 2003 with the new 63 Commercial Street. ¶ Posted 2013-03-24

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