65 Commercial Street

This was the property of Jesse Ghen at the turn of the 20th century, when it was denominated 48 Commercial Street.

One thought on “65 Commercial Street

  1. Jesse Ghen was my great-grandfather. My father, Melville William Ghen, told us it was sold during the depression for a few thousand dollars because no one wanted to pay the taxes on it. My dad always regretted that because he held a steady job as an electrical engineer for the power company in Pittsburgh and could have afforded to keep the house. He referred to that as one of the worst financial decisions he ever made. He had fond memories of staying with his grandfather in the summer and learning to swim in “the backyard.”

    I visited the house in the late 50’s when it was owned by an artist. Now it’s subdivided into apartments and last I heard was owned by an attorney in Boston as an investment property.

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