7 Commercial Street

Delft Haven

Delft Haven, the prettiest tourist cottage colony in town, was begun around 1934 by Ralph S. Carpenter, the retired general manager of the Caribbean Sugar Company of Cuba, who lived at 11 Commercial Street. He named the project for the harbor town in Holland from which the Pilgrims had set sail. Carpenter was among the first hosts to try catering to tourists with amenities. “The rest of the world enjoys a bath once in a while,” he said in 1937. “More than anything else, the town needs bathrooms and better beds.” Delft Haven sits astride the road, with one complex at 7 Commercial Street and another at 10 Commercial Street, and is very conscientiously maintained.








6 thoughts on “7 Commercial Street

  1. Ken Kruse and Don Cote lived there in the 1980s, where they initiated the now somewhat well known “White Party” of Labor Day weekend.

  2. I believe that Delft Haven was Provincetown’s first condominium association. It was owned by the late Peter Boyle, who eventually owned the Anchor Inn [175 Commercial Street]. I was working as a paralegal for the law firm Lawson & Wayne, who prepared the condominium documents. Once the units were sold, Peter built a home on or near Point Street and acquired the Anchor Inn, which he renovated prior to his death.

  3. Actually, David, Bayberry Bend condos, located at 910 Commercial St., is the oldest condo complex in Provincetown. Its Master Deed is dated 8/28/1972; Delft Haven’s is 6/28/1977. A small bit of trivia: Bay Colony Condos located at 690 Commercial St.,were the first built expressly to be condominiums as opposed to those which followed that were condo conversions. Their Master Deed is dated 6/9/1976, preceding Delft Haven.

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