71 Commercial Street

Dinghy Dock

This small wharf was the property of Daniel Williams at the turn of the century, when it was denominated 54 Commercial Street.





2 thoughts on “71 Commercial Street

  1. Dinghy Doc was built by the family of Manuel Williams. In 1935, following the death of Capt. Jack Williams, the property was purchased by Dr. Daniel (Doc) Hiebert the town physician, although there is no evidence he lived there. Doc Hiebert left the property to his daughter Ruth. She was a town philanthropist, especially supportive of the Center for Coastal Studies. She also owned the property next door at 73, where her mother Emily lived. Ruth Hiebert lived in the upstairs unit and rented 3 smaller units on the first floor. For a number of years, Connie, of Connie’s Bakery, lived there. Ruth, an avid gardener, maintained a renowned garden joining the two properties, highlighted for many years on the annual Garden Tour. In 1995, JR Dryer purchased both properties from Ruth Hebert for $150,000. Fifteen years later, in 2010, he sold the property to Eleanor Pannesi. She undertook an enormous restoration of the property and wharf. Work included raising the house 4 ft to accommodate new FEMA flood plain regulations, and returning it to the single family it once was. Details such as pocket doors painted by local artist Linda Singer and the original newell posts were retained. During demolition for the project, builders discovered evidence that the L shaped building was once comprised of a waterfront fishing shack and a traditional Cape style house. A postcard from the turn of the 20th century shows a dress shop located on the first floor in the area of the bay window. Over time, the dormers were raised and the shack connected to its existing footprint.

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