84 Commercial Street

Phyllis Handwrought Jewelry

The plaque on 84 Commercial Street states that it was built in 1797, a date accepted by the Historic District Survey with the considerable caveat that the building was “heavily altered over time.” Among other features, it gained a full-length shed dormer and lost its porch. For about 35 years, until 1947, Emma Agnes Cudois had run a millinery shop out of her home here. It was also known for a time as the Wiletta House. Then, in 1966, Phyllis and Israel Sklar of New York moved their jewelry and gift store here from 407/379 Commercial Street.

Phyllis Gold (1923-2010) opened a jewelry store at 175 West Fourth Street, in Greenwich Village, in 1955. That was where she met Israel Sklar (b 1923), an artist and musician. At their wedding in 1960, the jazz clarinetist Pee Wee Russell was the best man. They opened their first Provincetown shop in the East End in 1961. (“Phyllis Sklar, Provincetown,” The Banner/Wicked Local, 5 February 2010.)







One thought on “84 Commercial Street

  1. My boyfriend and I lived in one of the upstairs apartments and in the back cottage of this house in the 70’s. I believe that the original sign for the store is considered an iconic symbol of a minor art movement of the 60’s.

    I remember these two self described ‘beatnicks’, their sofa which was a seat from a Volkswagon bus and their dog Barnaby very well.

    I used to eat mushrooms and sit on the roof of the house. One night while crawling around in the attic where I found a framing model ( Izzy once studied architecture ) – I fell through the ceiling of the neighboring apartment.

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