91 Commercial Street

Gerry E. Studds (1937-2006) not only represented Provincetown on Capitol Hill, he lived here during his 12 terms in Congress and for several years after that. Studds served from 1973 to 1997, representing Cape Cod, the islands and the South Shore. He was known nationally as the first openly gay member of the House of Representatives but even better known locally, The Banner said, “for his accessibility to constituents and his effective advocacy of their concerns, notably in matters of the environment, health care, fishing and maritime issues.” His name is commemorated in the Studds/Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, three miles north of the cape.

Studds shared this house, built in 1984, with Dean T. Hara, whom he married in 2004, two years after leaving Provincetown. The house was purchased by the artist Mary Kass and was identified by The Boston Globe in 2005 as one of the properties fueling a legal dispute over Kass’s estate.

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