23 Brewster Street

For more than half of a century – much of that time here – Lillian Orlowsky (1914-2007) and William Freed (1904-1984) shared their lives and their evolution as abstract artists. They “left a strong stamp, both socially and artistically, on the art worlds of New York and Provincetown,” The Boston Globe said in 2008.

Orlowsky learned of Hans Hofmann’s Provincetown school while waiting to pick up her check as a W.P.A. artist in Manhattan. She and Freed both studied with Hofmann and worked out of the Days Lumber Yard until the late 1950s, when they built their studios on Brewster Street.

2 thoughts on “23 Brewster Street

  1. Freed also built much of the furniture and many interior fixtures (kitchen cabinets, stairs, etc.) in the house.

  2. We have a letter addressed to artist margarita gibbons another student of Hoffman and Camilo egas
    In are archives sent To this address and it is likely she stayed here Arthur Getz New Yorker cover artist or with the Moses or Ida soyer or tamiris becker.

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