24 Captain Bertie’s Way

Lookout Bay Condominiums
Prominently situated, the 20-unit Lookout Bay condo complex of 2000-02 occupies a portion of the old Provincetown Golf Range property. Though the units evidently enjoy good views — as these roof deck pictures show — there is little about the exterior design of the buildings and the awkward site plan to recommend Lookout Bay from a civic or aesthetic standpoint. To their credit, as part of the approval process, the developers set aside five two-bedroom duplex condos as affordable housing.

They were awarded in a lottery at Town Hall in September 2000 for $93,000 each, roughly one-third of what was then the market price. John Reis, a Provincetown contractor associated with Sanjo Realty Trust, which built Lookout Bay, said the sale price for the affordable units was in fact less than the construction cost for each. The lottery winners were understandably jubilant. (Emily C. Dooley, “Cheers, Tears at Provincetown Housing Lottery,” Cape Cod Times, Sept. 22, 2000.)

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