7 Brewster Street

The artist Seong Moy immigrated from China in 1931, studied with Hans Hofmann, then established the Seong Moy School of Painting and Graphic Arts here in 1954. The next year, he won a Guggenheim Fellowship. “So I’m a newcomer,” he recalled in an interview with Paul Cummings, “and, as is the way of human nature, people are always looking for something new.” Moy conducted class for 20 years, but concluded: “Provincetown is losing its sort of art attraction. Things have changed. A sort of commercialized kind of resort thing is coming into the town. It’s more difficult to live and to work there.” The year was 1971.

2 thoughts on “7 Brewster Street

  1. I was delivering propane gas to this residence last summer (2013) when Mrs. Moy came out and talked a bit and mentioned that her husband, Seong, had passed away that June. He was 92.

    Such wonderful people. I and my family were former neighbors of theirs until my parents sold 170 Bradford Street, which is on the corner of Brewster and Bradford, in 2011, after 41 years.

    I’m sure he’ll be missed by many, including me.

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