CCNS Back Shore | Dune Shack 1


C-Scape is the best known of the shacks. It’s fairly easy to reach; it was well documented in the 2009 picture book, Dune Shack Summer, by Suzanne Lewis; and it’s open for occupancy to a limited number of writers and artists, through the nonprofit Provincetown Community Compact, run by Jay Critchley and Tom Boland, which has managed the shack since 1996 under agreement with the Park Service.

The shack was begun in 1937 by Albert F. Noones, proprietor of Cape End Motors, and his brother, Edward A. Noones. It was owned until 1979 by the painter Jean Cohen, who had studied with Leo Manso and married Alex Katz. The artists John Grillo and Marcia Marcus also used it. The last full-time occupant was the psychologist Larry McCready. The structure as it currently exists combines two shacks. It was moved to its present location in 1978.

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