CCNS Back Shore | Dune Shack 8

Dune Shack 8: Margo-Gelb

Almost exactly on the site of the Peaked Hill Bars Life-Saving Station is the last in a series of shacks built from the 1940s through the 1960s by the painters Boris Margo (1902-1995) and Jan Gelb (1906-1979), husband and wife.

Beginning in 1947, Margo was the host of an annual “Full o’ the Moon” beach party and barbecue, to which the whole town was invited — and several hundred came. Beforehand, Margo would build an enormous driftwood sculpture, up to 40 feet high. After the rising of the full moon, the sculpture would be set ablaze as revelers danced and sang around it. Music was played and poems were read, by Harry Kemp and younger poets. Though Margo bequeathed the shack to his nephew, the artist Murray Zimiles, it was taken by the government and turned over in 1995 to the Outer Cape Artist in Residence Consortium (OCARC) for management.

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