CCNS Back Shore | Second Peaked Hill Bars Station


The second Station Peaked Hill Bars was constructed in 1914, roughly a quarter mile east of the first station, as a replacement. Within a year, the Life-Saving Service merged with the Revenue Cutter Service to form the new U.S. Coast Guard. With its off-center lookout tower, this building resembled the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station.

By the time it opened, forces were already at work to diminish demand for the surfmen: engines replaced sails, communications improved and the Cape Cod Canal opened, diverting coastal traffic from the perilous Back Shore. The station itself was moved about 300 yards inland in 1930 to protect it from the fate of its predecessor. It was decommissioned in 1937 but reactivated briefly during World War II. Abandoned and turned gradually into a shell of itself, the station burned down in August 1958. The blaze could be seen from Plymouth. The fort-like concrete foundations are still in place, forming a poignant — if graffiti-marred — memorial to the surfmen. Whatever a guide or guidebook may tell you, however, this ruin was not O’Neill’s cottage.

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