CCNS Province Lands | “Hippie House”


This fascinating structure, nestled on a wooded hillside north of Shank Painter Road, embodied the best traditions of outlaw construction in Provincetown: it was built where it shouldn’t have been, without any evident authorization to be there, of materials no one would use to build a house, by a person or persons unknown, at some indistinct time in the past, to serve an undefined purpose, which it did with surprising robustness.

Jay Critchley came across the ad hoc structure and named it the “Hippie House.” (At least, he says he came across it. I’ll take him at his word — even though he would probably be the first person I’d suspect of building such an amiably outlandish structure.) More spacious inside than it would have seemed from the outside, the house was built with considerable ingenuity. Among other smart touches was a screened clerestory window along a facade that was pretty much solid sheet metal. After years of near-miraculous survival, the house blew down in early 2011, Critchley reported.






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