CCNS Race Point | Second Race Point Light


The lighthouse that stands today, flashing white every 10 seconds, was built in 1876. It is a 40-foot-high cylindrical tower of cast iron and brick.

A complex grew up around it, including the Keeper’s House, built in 1874-76; the assistant keepers’ house, a two-family affair that was razed in the early 60s; the fog signal building of 1888 (originally a whistle, but converted in 1962 to a diaphragm horn); and the oil house.

Race Point was not electrified until 1957. Until then, the lamp burned kerosene oil.

The light was automated in 1972, eliminating the need for a keeper.

The Cape Cod Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation leased the light station in 1995. Volunteers under the supervision of Jim Walker began a restoration project the next year that has rejuvenated the historical landmark. Solar panels were installed in 2003 and a wind turbine was added in 2007, so the station is — once again — off the grid. The Keeper’s House was opened to paying guests in 1997, yielding needed revenue. The Whistle House, too, has been opened to guests.













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