CCNS Race Point | First Race Point Station


Integral with the lighthouse was the Race Point Life-Saving Station, built in 1872. The main boat building looked very much like that at Peaked Hill Bars.

Capt. Samuel O. Fisher, who’d nearly perished as a surfman when rendering aid to the C. M. Trumbull, was the keeper from 1888 to 1915. He heard the last signal of the steamer Portland during the 1898 gale when she went down with 192 people aboard. In 1922, two years into Prohibition, the schooner Annie L. Spindler, out of Nova Scotia, ran aground with a cargo of Haig & Haig. It took exactly no time for word to reach town. Mooncussers reached the ship even before its captain had the chance to ask the Coast Guard to place the liquor in protective custody at the life-saving station. The wrecked hull endured as a picturesque attraction and an offbeat sunbathing destination.





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