135 Bradford Street

Cater-corner from the passenger depot, this house (c1900) was once owned by the New Haven Railroad and was the home of the stationmaster, A. E. Slade. It served as the first Fine Arts Work Center from 1968 to 1972, before the center moved to Pearl Street. Commercial tenants have included the Cheshire Cats boutique, Meetinghouse restaurant, Different Ducks restaurant, Tropical Joe’s restaurant (where the Kinsey Sicks played) and Cyber Cove business center. In 2006 the original section of the building was bought and restored by Neal Kimball of Kimball Residential Design. The building is reportedly haunted, said Susan Leonard, who works there.

2 thoughts on “135 Bradford Street

  1. Provincetown Dental currently occupies an Office at 135 Bradford Street and has a picture showing what I believe was a restaurant there at one time called “The Cape Inn”…To the best of my knowledge, it came after a lengthy time the building was unoccupied once the prior buisness, also a restaurant called “The Meetinghouse” had left. The Dental Office is trying to figure out the year it was there. Thanks to this site, I was able to get more history but nothing is available on the picture the Dentist Office has.

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