198 Bradford Street

At the heart of this house is a fish shed, built c1880 by the H. & S. Cook Company. It was turned into a barber shop that stood opposite Town Hall before being rolled here. Isaac Henry Caliga (1857-1944), a painter who studied in Munich, and his wife, Elizabeth Howland (1877-1960), who came to town in 1912 to study with Charles W. Hawthorne, lived here.

They had part of a Barnum & Bailey Circus snake-charmer’s wagon in the garden. The Rev. Robert Wood Nicholson, vicar of St. Mary’s, was a tenant. It’s owned by Gabrielle “Gaby” Rilleau, whose father, Roger Rilleau, was a renowned sandal maker.

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2 thoughts on “198 Bradford Street

  1. I love the photos of the house and the history you have on it. I can help add a bit more history if you like, but it would take me a little time. My husband has two cousins who lived there in the ’60s and early ’70s who are connected to the Caliga and Dewitt family. One of them ran a shop called the Peasant Door. I believe she painted garage doors. I’d love a copy of that photo so I could get them restored!

    Most appreciative of your wonderful work!

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