212 Bradford Street

East End Market

Even neighborhood grocery stores summon history in Provincetown. The East End Marketplace is a descendant of the Patrician Shop, which was opened in 1949 by Cyril T. Patrick — he of Patrick’s Newsstand — and his wife, Philomena “Phil” (Jason) Patrick, who was also his partner in the Noel Shop. It was, together with Manuel Cabral’s Bonnie Doone (now Mussel Beach) and Basil Santos’s Captain’s Galley (now Michael Shay’s), one of the first big commercial enterprises on Bradford Street.

The Patrician was a general store, but with Eva Perry as cook, its lunch counter gained a reputation as having the best Portuguese soup on Cape Cod, Peter Manso said. After an interim as TeddySea’s Market, it became the East End, under the proprietorship of Gary and Ken. One can still see some vestiges of the past like the Patrician newsrack (visible in the photo below).

2 thoughts on “212 Bradford Street

  1. When the Patricks owned it it had a popular lunch counter presided over by Eva Perry, who lived across the street and was reknowned for her clam chowder. Eva was married to Cliff Perry a local builder, who may still be alive in Fla.

  2. I believe the Patrician was bought by Trudy and Richard Berrio (he was with Seamen’s Bank) and then sold to the couple who renamed it Teddy/Seas. Trudy and Richard were born and brought up in Truro, went to Truro Central School and graduated from Provincetown High School. They “went steady” in high school and married soon after graduation. Trudy was a very talented basketball player at Provincetown High and both were good and serious students.

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