242 Bradford Street

A venerable, classic full Cape built about 210 years ago, this house had an eccentric brush with notoriety. In the late 60s, Benito Norcisa and his wife, Pamela Norcisa, moved their Penny Farthing restaurant here, from 237 Bradford. For a time, their upstairs tenant was Glenn Milstead — better recalled as the luminous John Waters star, Divine — who ran a thrift shop here called Divine Trash. Channing Wilroy recalled that Divine sold old clothes, china, bric-a-brac and stuff from the Truro dump until he got caught for operating without a permit and hauled into Town Hall. At that point, Mink Stole came to his defense: “We need stores like this in town for people like me.”

“I lived in the bottom apartment from 2006 to 2009,” Darren Showers said in a November 2009 comment to Building Provincetown. “It’s a very charming house. I was told by the owner, Cindy Binder, that it is one of the oldest homes in Provincetown. I put the flag up on the fence: the Tibetan flag to show support on freeing Tibet. Also, Ryan Landry used to rent here.” Landry is a playwright and entertainer, and the “Showgirls” impresario.

Other resources

Tax map 15-2

Property record

Historic district survey

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